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My Story

My name is Cristi Middag

I am a content specialist and professional book devourer from the Netherlands.

I believe in the future of IT. When I get older, I wouldn’t mind being cared for by a robot. No more feelings of shame for my naked body and inability to do everyday things, such as wiping my buttocks, brushing my teeth, or putting on pants.

Unfortunately, the robot carer has a bit of an image problem. When you ask some people what they think of robot carers, all they can think of are its cold robot claws, nerve-racking sounds, and flashing lights. I would like to change that image.

After all, technology is only really valuable if people want to use it!

Engaged by my story? Feel free to get in touch to find out how I can be of help.

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Your content is part of your long-term strategy to rule the search engines, engage your audience and build a solid customer base. Whether it’s for your website, social media, blog or PR, I'll tell your story in a way that’s passionate, powerful and personal.


It’s more than just putting words on paper to entice your audience. If your story has the personality of plain oatmeal, it just won't stick. Let me spice up your story, and keep your audience pulled in and interested for the full length of your story.



If you've been saying things such as, "let's eat grandma" instead of saying "let's eat, grandma", you might benefit from my professional proofreading input. As a true believer and follower of the 'comma sutra', I will make your story error-free and accurate.



Being a good translator means being a good writer. So, if you want to tell your story in another language, I'm here to help. I provide high quality translations that are natural and easy to read, from either English to Dutch or from Dutch to English.

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